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Fall in love with shows you never even knew & existed.

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Ray learns what you like. What you don’t like.
What you love.

Ray gets smarter over time, prioritizing stuff you like and recommending stuff you’ll probably love.
You can tell Ray shows you like by rating them up or down, or you can sit back and let Ray do the work.
Say you watch a lot of food competition shows, Ray will start showing you other food shows you may not know exist. Hells yeah Gordon Ramsay! Yes, friends, it really is that smart.


The Ray Super Remote learns you
like something just by your watching it. That’s it.


You can also tell the Ray Super Remote when you really really like or don’t like something by rating it up or down.


Setting reminders for shows also tells the Ray Super Remote that you like something. Ray is listening.

You don’t love every channel. Only your favorites.

Listen, the last thing Ray wants to do is overcomplicate your life. If you're a simple man or woman (or a really smart dog) who likes simple things, and you just want to see what's on your favorite channel, well, that's fine by us. Just tap the “Favorites” channel icon and ta-da! Because let’s be honest. Out of thousands of channels available to our eyeballs, we only stare at a handful. We know this because our friends at Nielsen drop knowledge like this all the time *.

* Nielsen: A Look Across Media: The Cross-Platform Report Q3 2013

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