Meet the Remote of the Future

Stop fiddling with your 97-button remote and take control of your living room again.

The Ray Super Remote is an unrivaled TV remote that controls thousands of devices, including televisions, satellite receivers, cable boxes, streaming devices, game consoles, and more. It is the ultimate TV search and discovery device, getting you to your show quicker than you can say, “Oh good, Game of Thrones just killed off my favorite character again.” Indeed, Ray is the super remote that will usher you into the future.

Ray Super Remote TV Control

You just touch your favorite show and it’s on. No more wasting precious minutes scrolling through the TV Guide and searching for your show.

Not only does the Ray Super Remote magically transform the TV in your home into a totally new TV in seconds, but it makes everything about watching television beautifully easy. Even better? Once you start using your Ray, it gets to know you. After only a day of use, it will display shows based on what you love and recommend similar programming to help you discover new shows & movies, saving you even more time to enjoy the best of your television. It’s all just so, so happy.

Touch Screen Ray Super Remote and TV

Apps for every taste.

Flip from watching Scandal to binge watching House of Cards on your Roku with a single tap from Ray's home screen. It’s that simple. No wires, no remote juggling, all bliss.

  • TV
  • DVR
  • On Demand
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox