All your remotes bundled into one: The last remote control you’ll ever use? Totally.

Most families have their TV remote, their cable remote, their DVD remote, their soundbar remote, their Roku remote , etc. With Ray, that's a thing of the past . No more looking at hunks of plastic and asking yourself what does what. Once Ray is connected, it combines the features and functions of all your remotes and make the experience of controlling your entertainment even better. That’s not really an exaggeration, either. In fact, the only thing Ray can't do is grab that pint of peanut butter cup ice cream from the freezer and feed it to you. The future: It’s just so easy.

Ray Universal Remote Control

Ray connects to everything. Thousands of devices in your home to be exact.

(Yes, you read that right.) So in a matter of minutes, your TV, set-top box, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, DVD player, Blu-Ray, home stereo and any other intelligent device in your house locks into Ray for central command control awesomeness.

  • Televisions
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Receivers &
  • Blu-ray &
    DVD Players
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • XBox 360 & One