About the Ray team

We are a consumer technology company focused on developing the next generation of hardware and software products. Our vision is to breathe new life into everyday objects. Our first creation, the Ray Super Remote, reimagines and reinvents the center of our entertainment lives. Our team is comprised of industry-leading product designers, technologists, and marketers headquartered in New York City.

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Dana Point, CA - February 17, 2015 – Today at the Code/Media Conference, CEO David Skokna appeared on the main stage to launch his company Ray Enterprises and debut its first creation: the Ray Super Remote. The New York City-based consumer technology company is focused on developing the next gene... More

The Chive

Ray Super RemoteRay replaces your jumble of old remotes in one intelligent package. With Ray, a simple tap seamlessly switches between any of your entertainment devices. Controlling and managing your entertainment setup has never been this easy. More

PCMag Live

PCMag's Sascha Segan and Dan Costa do a live review and Q&A of the Ray Super Remote on Periscope. Watch the recording here: https://www.periscope.tv/PCMag/1yNxazLAbAXKj?%3Aus... More

The Wall Street Journal

Unlike past cumbersome options for your TV, new devices like the Ray Super Remote are a big step in the right direction More


A lot has changed about the TV business over the last several years: More and more shows are coming online or being created specifically for streaming subscription services like Netflix. Cable companies and networks alike are trying to appeal to an audience with an increasing number of content and entertainment options, an audience that is becoming much more difficult to capture. More


Perhaps this is familiar: During my years as a teenage babysitter, the most consistently annoying moment came after the kids had gone to bed, when I could sit down to a night of TV. But between the fleet of unfamiliar remote controls and set top boxes, I’d have no idea how to turn the thing on. More